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My guitar development program is designed to examine each student’s strengths and weaknesses. I then aim to open their minds to exercises and songs that lead them to understand the instrument better. After spending many years performing and spending time with master guitarist George Benson and Mark Whitfield, I now use that valuable experience to provide strategies to help students achieve their goals. With diligent focused practice it is possible to progress to the next level in your development

Video Presentation

Edison is pictured above with mentor George Benson. He has just recorded his second trio album with special guest. The album was recorded at the Cowshed Studios. A great time was had by all. The talented musicians that supported me on this project are, Neville Malcolm – Bass, Winston Clifford – Drums, Graham Maynard – Keyboards. Please check in from time to time for updates with this new project. Release date soon to be announced.

Highly recommended. Really informative and interesting guitar teacher.

Jo Matthews

My understanding of harmony and playing in different settings has improved and
thanks to my guitar tutor I am ready try out my ideas in real musical situations.

Ben Harris

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